Superficial Radiation Therapy

SRT effectively treats basal and squamous cell carcinomas.

Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT)

Harnesses the healing power of Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy to achieve painless results. Low-dose Superficial Radiation Therapy effectively eliminates basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, as well as the non-malignant tumor cells that cause keloids.

According to research, non-melanoma skin cancer affects over 5 million Americans each year, and keloids are found in approximately 5% of people worldwide.

Patients can receive safe treatment directly in the comfort of our office by receiving a precise, calibrated dose of superficial radiation therapy that only penetrates the skin. Each treatment is virtually painless.

Best of all, no cutting, bleeding, or stitching is required. SRT eliminates the need for anesthesia, reduces the risk of infection or scarring, and eliminates the need for reconstructive plastic surgery. Patients recover quickly and have no downtime or lifestyle restrictions as a result of treatment.

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